The Saint-Vincent Festival: a celebration of the vine… and the palate!

At the end of January, Burgundy celebrates the Vincent Festival, honouring the Patron Saint of wine-growers.

These traditional festivals are unique opportunities to learn more about the expertise of Burgundy's wine-growers in a friendly setting.

ln the Brotherhood of the Chevaliers du Tastevin at the Saint-Vincent Tournante

For over 70 years this festival has been honouring the different cru wines and terroirs of Burgundy through tasting sessions and traditional ceremonies.
The Saint-Vincent Tournante is a Bacchic occasion that is warm and welcoming, bringing a great many people together for two days of festivities. At the end of January the Brotherhoods of Burgundy come together in long processional parades. This is followed by religious rituals, then a consecration of the ‘old’ wine-growers that are joining one of the Brotherhoods. They formally become holders of an ancestral expertise and continue the tradition: To uphold and improve the wines of the region.

Spectators watch the very colourful parades; every Brotherhood wears a costume that is specific to their own terroir.
The festivities continue in the towns that are taking part in the event. You are warmly invited to explore the local heritage and enjoy tasting sessions and activities that bring the heart of these districts to life. A real joy for those that take part.

The Saint-Vincent Tournante du Chablisien [Chablis wine] is organised by the Brotherhood of the ‘Piliers Chablisiens’.

In the same spirit, the Saint-Vincent Tournante du Chablisien takes up the festivities with a friendly festival bringing together tens of thousands of participants from all over the world!

Each of the 19 Chablis wine villages honours the Patron Saint of wine-growers in turn by decorating their streets and monuments, and by offering their visitors an outstanding vintage wine that is specially created for all the wine-growers in the district.

The other Saint-Vincent wine-growers

Other wine-growing villages in Burgundy honour St Vincent each year: In January
The Saint Vincent of the Brotherhood of Saint Vincent and of the Grûmeurs of Santenay. (before the last Saturday in January)
Beaune Blanc Rouge and Saint Vincent Beaunoise
Saint Vincent of Mercurey (before the last Saturday in January).
Saint Vincent of Montagny (every third Sunday in January).

75e Saint-Vincent tournante de Bourgogne
89450 - VEZELAY -
26/01/2019 - 27/01/2019
Grand Chapitre Solennel de Saint-Vincent
Salle des fêtes - Place de la République - 58150 - POUILLY-SUR-LOIRE -
Saint-Vincent de Montagny
Le Bourg - 71390 - BUXY -
06 68 51 39 13
Saint-Vincent de Mercurey
Mercurey, Fontaines - 71640 - MERCUREY -
06 44 37 52 40
06 38 42 49 86

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